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Neomedical Co., Ltd.

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Company name NEOMEDICAL Co., Ltd.
Representative CEO Kazuaki Tanaka
Head Office 2F, 2chome3-11, Misato, Misato-shi, Saitama, 341-0024 Japan
Logistics Center 1957-1, Okashita, Nishifutami, Futamicho, Akashi, Hyogo 674-0094 Japan
Main business Regulatory Consulting, R&D, design development, Manufacturing vendor of orthopedic medical devices

CEO Profile

January 1977 Born in Shiga Prefecture, Japan
March 2000 Graduated from the department of Biochemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering TOYAMA University
March 2002 Completed Master of Biochemical Engineering, TOYAMA University
April 2002 Entered TOFLE CO., INC.(Metal Flexible Tube for Medicine Plant) and worked for the department of Quality Control.
May 2003 Entered Best Medical Co., Ltd.(MAH of Trauma implant) in May 2003 was engaged in the department of pharmaceautical Affairs Operation, quality assurance, safety management, development and corporate planning. was assigned as General Manager of Pharmaceautical Affairs Operation, Manager of ISO management, Chief engineer for manufacturing business, Marketing supervisor-general
February 2011 NEOMEDICAL Co., Ltd. was established

Message from CEO

The circumstances surrounding the product development of medical device manufacturers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, such as advanced application for regulatory approval, detailed evaluation of product performance and risks, and an increase in development and application costs accompanying them. While developing new product, by involving many people from each specific fields in order to solve its problems often causes to prolonging the development process. We take advantage of the long experience as a medical device manufacturers in all processes from pharmaceutical affairs and development to manufacturing, and by paying attention to the production efficiency in the aspect of the pharmaceutical and development process, it is possible to promptly proceed all the processes from product development, evaluation, regulatory applications and to the manufacturing, which meets market's needs. Unlike medicines, medical equipment has many elements such as structure, design, variation, raw materials, etc. Even if the basic purpose and performance are the same, by devising and improving in various aspects, it is possible to produce products with added value. For example, even one handle can be devised such as easy-to-hold shape to fit in hands, easy to put in force, non-slip material etc. The development culture of medical device is the accumulation of improvements to the need which notice a little by little while using products at the hospitals and other places. As a result of the accumulation of small improvements done on a daily basis, it is finally reborn into a completely different new product. Please kindly expect our small challenge accumulation for the future. CEO Kazuaki Tanaka

Product Line-up

Loop Pin Orthopedic implant/ Designed as which burrs hardly remain when bending, Inner round shape avoids the wire damage, Original design with the high cutting ability of bones
Σ Blade Orthopedic Instrument/ Cutting blade for TKA and THA, Original design with the high cutting ability of bones
M-STEP DELTA Triangle surgical stand/ Surgical stand for orthopedic surgery, Original designed leg rest with radiolucent
Ωbur Orthopedic Instrument/ Surgical bur for Spine and Orthopedic, Original design with the high cutting ability of bones
TB Needle Wire for orthopedic Surgery/ Stainless wire with straight needle and curved needle on both ends
ICHI-FIXATOR System External fixator system/ Compact shape, Easy to use, Brand new fracture treatment method which realized coexistence of fixation force, Structure which prevents the wire to be misaligned from the aim point, Pat. Pend.
Ice Cube Holder Prevent a puncture pain, Adorable design which children love, Pat. Pend.
Loop Pin S Special Loop Pin for Malleolus avulsion fracture
FLAT WIRE CUTTER It is the Wire Cutting Forceps which is designed for the shape of pin’s cross section to be flat. By shaping the cross section to be flat, it reduces the risks of tore or/and pierce to the gloves. You can cut φ3.0mm Kirschner Wire by one hand easily by using the FLAT WIRE CUTTER3.0.
JOYSTICK PIN It is the Stainless pin which can be used for the Reduction surgery to the various parts.
Surgi Gear 1.0 System It is Orthopedic Handpiece system, which is composed of Rotating Drill Handpiece and Oscillating Handpiece that has the variety of attachments. It is compact and light-weight, and has an unique Shine metallic gray color on its body. The manufacturing plant has acquired ISO13485 and CE marking.
Cement Mold System It is the bone cement spacer molding devise after the Femoral stem removal. The system is composed of silicon mold, case, cup & stem trial kit and T-shape handle. It is the tapered wedge shape and easy to fit. You can identify the size by color-coded mold case at a glance.
Compression Screw It is for fracture treatment in trauma surgery and orthopedics. There are threads on both end which have different pitch ratio between distal and proximal threads for optimal compression.